Be A Model

Be A Model

Prior to your permanent cosmetic enhancement think about the look that you wish to achieve. As experts in the field of color analysis and makeovers, we ensure that the correct colors and styles are chosen for you, however, you are part of the decision-making process

Permanent cosmetic enhancements normally require multiple application sessions. To achieve the best results, you will be required to return for at least one touch up procedure four to six weeks after the initial application. Be prepared for the color intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the procedure. This will subside and become softer as the skin heals. This process can take up to fourteen days.

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Do You Want To Be A Model

Thank you for your interest in becoming a model at The Beauty Academy. To be a model you are required to be in attendance for a 2-3 hour period. Please read below to see if you are a candidate for the Microblading Procedure.

    Common factors to consider are/Contraindications

    • Pregnant or nursing
    • Taken Accutane in the past 1.5 years as the skin has not regulated
    • Diabetic or those with autoimmune disorders due to thinned blood and poor healing
    • Organ transplant as they may have compromised immune systems
    • Chemotherapy in the past year
    • Diseases or viral infections
    • Epileptic as seizures may be induced by pain
    • Straightaway after waxing
    • After a strong chemical peel
    • Suffering a sunburn or frostbitten
    • If you have a pacemaker (not allowed for machine technique but allowed for manual technique)
    • Current use of Retin-A
    • Use of blood thinning drugs or high blood pressure medications
    • History of keloid or hypertrophic scarring
    • Allergies to ingredients in topical numbing creams, metals (such as Nickel), and latex in gloves
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