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Chemical Peel Training

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Academy of Beauty is a nationally accredited academy. We offer Accredited Certification Training and Practitioners License. The practitioner’s License covers non-invasive mastery services such as Chemical Peels & more! Ask us about how to apply for your license.

Let me help you feel confident when choosing the correct chemical peel, for the correct skin concern, on the correct client, to achieve real results, while avoiding adverse reactions.

Chemical peels provide significant results for a wide range of skin condition corrections, as well as numerous anti-aging & skin rejuvenation benefits. Every year, chemical peels have consistently been in the top 5 most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the US. Not only are they an affordable procedure for your clients, but they are also one of the most profitable procedures for your practice.

In this course, you will learn comprehensive and in-depth information about proper procedures and protocols for different chemical peels.

  • Chemical peels that are for safe pregnant & lactating clients.
  • Chemical Peels that are suitable for all skin types & skin tones.
  • Chemical Peels that are safe for sensitive & rosacea prone skin.


  • Protocols for ALL skin tones, including specialized protocols for darker skin tones.
  • Great for beginners with no experience and also a refresher course for those with some prior knowledge.
  • All the information you need to perform chemical peels correctly, safely, and most importantly, achieve amazing results.
  • Accredited certification, training manual, ongoing support.
  • Professional chemical peel kit.
  • How to market your business (online social media curriculum for beauty industry professionals included), ongoing support.

This course focuses on learning about each individual acid, proper client selection, contraindications, the science of how each acid works, proper pre-and post-peel protocols, proper chemical peel techniques for both timed peels and layered peels, special protocols for darker skin tones, potential complications and how to address them, how to be successful with chemical peel treatments and much more!

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