Icy Lips Pigment & Snow Lips

Icy Lips Pigment & Snow Lips

  • Newest innovative technique
  • Pain-Free lip coloring method
  • Patented needles 88TR by Linda Paradis
  • Needles do not puncture the skin
  • Technique does not alter the shape and size of the lips
  • All pigments of Icy Lips are organic and contain the essence of 7 flowers
  • Pigments all produced in the UK
  • Conformed to the highest health & safety standards in the industry
  • Pigment lasts 12-16 months
  • All ingredients used are of cosmetic origin & all FDA regulated

One Day Training

Training Includes
– Theory Live Instructor
– Demonstration
– Student will work on live model
– Certification

Icy Lips can be applied using only one color or using two different tones. Another option is to create a more glamorous look by applying a pearl shimmery pigment in the middle of the lips, creating that sexy pouted look, which we call Icy Lips Glam.

Snow Lips is an amazing alternative to women whose lips have changed color through the years with the constant and excessive use of lipstick. The heavy metal called “lead” contained in most brands of lipstick available in the market, deposits small particles of the lead toxin in the lips, causing the lips to turn blue and sometimes black over time. With one or two applications of the Icy Lips Snow White technique, you are able to remove the excess lead from the client’s lips and bring their lips to its natural original coloring.

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