Intimate Lightening

Intimate Lightening Certification

1 Day Course

Price $950

*Price subject to change

Course Includes:

  • Intimate Professional Product Kit (For up to 20 Clients)
  • Training Manual
  • Consent Form
  • After Care
  • Instructor Demo
  • Certification
  • How to market your business (online social media curriculum for beauty industry professionals included)
  • Course is taught by licensed esthetic instructor
  • On going Support

What makes our intimate lightening product so effective?

This unique professional treatment not only focuses on depigmenting this delicate area, but it also has an anti aging action that provides amazing results

A unique method to correct pigmentation imperfections and improve the quality, texture, elasticity and appearance of the intimate area specifically formulated to be effective and respect the characteristics of the skin in that area.

  • Short-term and long-term results with effective results.
  • Corrective, regulating action.
  • Short-term and long-term results with effective results.
  • Depigmenting action complemented with an anti-aging action that makes it a unique all-in-one treatment!

Application Areas:

  • Mons Pubis
  • Inner thighs & Groin
  • Genital-Perineal Area
  • Perineal Area
  • Under Arms
  • Areola/Nipples
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Neck

The product our students use in the intimate lightning course is professional grade product. Product will be available for purchase on our student shop.

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*Financing & Payment options available.

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