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Lash Extensions Certification Training

3 Day Hands On Training: Combo Course includes classic, hybrid & volume.

Price $1750

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Join us in our intensive 3-day class, to help you master the handmade mega volume technique, achieve flawless volume sets, and ensure you go home feeling confident. Learn The Academy of Beauty’s signature techniques.

What’s included:

  • Students will be learning volume lashing techniques to create lash fans without damaging the natural lashes.
  • Course will include product knowledge, understanding lash ratios and lash wrapping + placement, isolation, application.
  • Full Professional Kit
  • Lash Bed
  • Practice Doll Head
  • Student Work On Live Model
  • Certification
  • Training Manual
  • Consent Form
  • On Going Support
  • Free Refresher Course
  • How to market your business (online social media curriculum for beauty industry professionals included)

Detailed Training Objectives:

  • Natural Eyelash and Eye Area Health
  • Eye and eyelash anatomy and physiology
  • Overview of infectious diseases, common eye conditions, and disorders of the eyes that may impact eyelash extensions application
  • Proper assessment of a client’s eye health prior to eyelash extensions application

Disinfection of Supplies and Universal Precautions

  • Proper hand washing
  • Disinfection of tools
  • Cross-contamination prevention
  • Maintaining a sanitary work environment

Irritants & Allergens

  • Minimizing irritants and allergens
  • Environmental factors and ideal settings for eyelash extensions application

Client Consultation

  • Pre-application qualifications alongside a thorough assessment of the client’s natural eyelashes, eye area, and general health
  • A holistic approach to selecting and designing customized looks based on a client’s physical attributes and lifestyle
  • Proper documentation and client record keeping
  • Managing client expectations

Methods of Enhancing Eye Shape

  • Customizing lash designs based on each client’s eye shape and design preference
  • Strategies for enhancing eye shapes
  • Creating the illusion of different eye shapes
  • Effectively managing clients’ design expectations while following safe application guidelines

In-Depth Overview of Natural Eyelash Types

  • Designing for various natural eyelash types, including downward-pointing, straight, curly, coarse, fine, and light-colored natural eyelashes
  • Application strategies to maximize design opportunities for each natural eyelash type
  • Success strategies for applying to difficult natural eyelashes


At The Academy of Beauty, we include theory so our students have a strong foundation on lashing.

What’s the difference between our training and other training programs? Our experienced educators are hands-on, helping students feel more prepared and confident in becoming certified lash artists.

Why train with The Academy of Beauty?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Expert educators
  • High quality products
  • We offer 3 day extensive in-person training
  • Receive ongoing support with advanced training and free refresher course.

The eyelash extensions industry is a billion dollar industry are you ready to start your career today?

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