Lip Blush Tattoo Certification

Lip Blush Tattoo Certification

Lip blush is the newest semi-permanent trend that enhances the natural lip shape with a boost of symmetry and color. It is an extremely popular treatment that defines lip contours and adds a natural flush lip color. Pigments are available in all different shades to match all lips to provide a subtle color that enhances the natural lip color and camouflages scars, paleness or unevenness.

– Workshop (PMU experience required)
– Includes Full-Size Kit with 1 Machine, Needles, Pigment & More
– Certification
– On-going Support

Class Details:

  • Sanitation Pre-care Requirements
  • Skin Anatomy Allergies & Diseases
  • Product Knowledge Proper Work Set up
  • Lip Shapes: Do’s and Don’ts Lip Measurements & Symmetry Measurements
  • Lip Mapping 3D Lips Procedure
  • Hand Movements + Machine Speed Creating Lip Outline
  • Machine & Needles Understanding Proper Lip Depth
  • Precision Line Work Numbing
  • Lip Contour Procedure Three-Point Stretch
  • How To Capture Quality Lip Photos After-care
  • Machine Holding Numbing Process
  • Student Work on Live Model

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Average Cost per procedure $450.00
Average time per procedure 2 hours

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