Glow Pen Revitalization Treatment Advanced Training

Glow Pen Revitalization Treatment Advanced Training

We are now offering Advanced Training for our Glow Pen®️

This training will consist of:

Jawline & Cheek contouring
We have formulated our own high-quality hyaluronic acid filler for these facial contours…

Our training Academy is licensed, insured & permitted to train on the Hyaluron Pen. Our Master Educators are fully licensed and insured to cover students and their models.

What is Glow Pen?

It is a needle-less beauty device used to deliver Hyaluronic Acid filler into the skin. It produces just enough pressure to launch the hyaluronic into the skin in a much more comfortable, safer, stress-free way than hypodermic needles!

  • Discounts for students already certified through Glow Pen
  • Advanced Training is open to all hyaluron pen technicians with proof of certification
  • This is only a practical hands-on technique class for jawline and cheek augmentation. Pre-requisite is previously taking our Glow Pen intensive training for beginners on lips, marionettes and smiles lines and having that certification to understand how the body works and have a foundation on the hyaluron pen with experience doing lips, smile lines & marionettes.

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