PMU Tattoo Removal Certification Training

PMU Tattoo Removal Certification Training

Here are some reasons why you need to learn PMU Tattoo Removal:

  1. Tattoo Removal has gone up 440% in the last decade and its expected to continue to rise.
  2. More money is spent on removing tattoos then getting them.

Course Includes:

  • PMU Tattoo Removal System
  • Protocol for treatment
  • Contraindications
  • Consent forms
  • Certification
  • Training manual
  • On going support
  • & much more!

Our training course provides in-depth knowledge from beginning to end with ongoing support and mentoring.

*Great add on service for current PMU ARTIST such as Microbladers.

The student will learn the introduction to tattoo removal and its various forms, the adequate method for practice of the tattoo removal, types of skin, allergies and skin problems, client consultation, professional ethics, hygiene, sanitation, pricing, and aftercare instructions.

This new tattoo removal technique will allow you to diversify your practice, generating much better revenues for your business. Not only will this technique apply to permanent makeup removal but can also be done to remove body tattoos.

Our Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal training is the safest technique in the world. It’s a unique and non invasive body & PMU tattoo removal technique. No harsh chemicals or treatment that can cause scaring, hair loss or damage the skin, does not cause skin discoloration. Removes all colors and removes all pigment types on body tattoos, PMU eyebrows, PMU lip liner, PMU lips. We teach the best method of tattoo ink extraction. Our Tattoo Removal Technique is the most comfortable and non-invasive method, with great results on all types of skin:

  • Leaves no scars
  • Leaves no crust
  • Minimum redness
  • Causes no inflammation of the skin
  • Leaves no micro-needling effect on the skin
  • No hair loss
  • Uses no acid PH or lactic acid nor saline solution
  • Uses no bleach

The PMU REMOVAL SYSTEM uses YAG to emit high energy instantaneously which removes the pigment in the skin. High energy is emitted instantaneously, with a particular wavelength that penetrates the epidermis and reaches the pigment in skin tissues in only 6 nms. Then the pigment expands and breaks up in the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis. The pigments split into granules which would be engulfed by macrophages and are then released by the lymphatic system. The pigment gradually disappears while the surrounding skin stays untouched or affected as it does not absorb the wavelength . Yag is considered “non-ablative,” meaning it penetrates the skin surface, and your skin tissue absorbs the energy.

Effectively removes all kinds of colors of PMU such as Microblading, PMU lip liner, and lip blush.

For more information on our training and to register please call or text our academy at (951)588-6603

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